The Now Page

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What I’m Working on and Thinking About Right Now

Last Updated 7/4/21

The giant caveat to all of this is that I am a chronic procrastinator. This is a list of things I very much want to work on and accomplish in the next week-to-month, but it’s also likely that much of it won’t get done. I aim to improve on that over time. To see how this page has evolved over time, try out the Discourse Post Edit History function.

  • :construction: Taking steps toward a home bar-oriented YouTube channel
  • :clock5: Quarterly life review and mindset update
    • I missed the last one, gotta get to it for this quarter!
  • :white_check_mark: Monthly mental health self-evaluation
  • :infinity: Setting up social time with friends
    • Now that most of us here are vaccinated, I’m hoping to start having in-person events at my house again soon!
  • :construction: Adding more ideas and old blog post drafts to my digital garden
  • :construction: Photo editing and posting from my Western US road trip in fall 2019 (long overdue!)
    • First pass done, now aiming to winnow to the best < 100 to post
  • :repeat: Evaluating community platforms for various projects past and present
    • Most recently Mighty Networks and Forem (applied for early access)
  • :repeat:Testing new apps, especially in the note-taking space
    • Most recently Clover (very impressed!) and Saga (also quite promising!)
  • :infinity: Ongoing improvements to Discourse config, theme components, etc. across several Discourse instances (my own and those for clients, collaborators, etc.)
  • :clock5: Finishing clearing things from my old shelves so I can get rid of them and get a new couch in their place, at last!
  • Making a video comparing some of the top music streaming services

Get In Touch

Feel free to comment on anything of interest below. I’m always looking for input, feedback, and new collaborators for the things I’m working on and interested in! Since I’ll be updating this single post over time, try to quote the specific part you’re responding to in your message, if possible. It will continue to work even when the original text gets updated.