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What I’m Working on and Thinking About Right Now

Last Updated 8/28/2022
Holy cow, I didn’t update this for 9 months! :grimacing:

Also consider checking out my weekly public journal updates for more detail and reflection on actual happenings week-to-week.

The giant caveat to the “now” of this is that I am a chronic procrastinator. This is a list of things I am actively working on, as well as some I very much want to work on and complete in the next week-to-month, but it’s also likely that much of it won’t get done. I aim to improve on that over time. To see how this page has evolved over time, try out the Discourse Post Edit History function (the little pencil icon at the top of this topic).

  • :handshake: Collaborating with friends and cool Internet peoples to make awesome things!
    • :pause_button: A friend of mine and I are hoping to co-create a children’s book on butterflies (I’ll be contributing photos, she’ll do science)
    • Working (slowly) on an open source dating app project, hoping to contribute more soon…
  • Helping local content and food creators with tech questions, issues, challenges.
    • I started reaching out to people to offer free basic services to people I thought could benefit from a little tech boost 6-9 months ago
    • I’m now starting to work with some really interesting people, and excited to help them take their work and projects to the next stage!
    • Very rewarding stuff. And it’s interesting getting practice navigating the boundaries of free vs. paid skilled work (I am a believer in donating at least some of my time to people and causes I want to support).
  • :brain: Thinking about new app and project ideas (here’s one I just started getting serious about), and what the next-generation of PKM and general productivity apps could and should be capable of. (also jumping into lots of Twitter threads on the subject) Taking a break from Twitter, but I do miss the PKM/TfT community there and hope to return soon-ish.
  • :couch: Decorating and otherwise improving my living room/bar area
    • Added a coffee table, new bitters shelves, and some wine glass rails
    • Finally got some wall prints! Need to get more and… hang the ones I have. :smile: Before you laugh, I have plaster walls in some areas, which makes it a lot trickier to hang things…
    • Next I want an accent chair, any recommendations?
  • Consulting with a fairly large SaaS company, finding it rewarding, a bit challenging at times, and educational. So far, so good!
  • :rocket: Beginning to move my entire PKM and Project/Task management content and flows to Fibery! This is a huge shift, and if it works out, I’ll be able to consolidate from 4+ tools into 1, while gaining a lot of cool functionality at the same time (e.g. graphs). More on this soon, hopefully!
  • :open_book: :turtle: Reading “Behave” by Robert Sapolsky, and it’s fucking excellent, albeit very dense.
  • :truck: Creating time lapses and working on website fixes and optimization for BigRigTravels, the culmination of a series of attempts to help this long-haul trucker spend less time and headache on his website. Things are a lot easier now that I can tinker with things directly. :smile: Optimizing image sizes, CSS and JS file loads, etc., as well as working on new features.
  • :rose: Slowly overhauling my dating app profiles, photos, etc. (including taking some “fancy selfies” due to pandemic limitations) and keeping active in the dating pool. It feels like a slog, but it’s better than doing nothing. :yum:
  • :construction: :turtle: Taking steps toward a home bar-oriented YouTube channel
    • Currently procrastinating on finalizing the script for my intro… :roll_eyes:
    • But after doing that for many months, I actually had a realization that my previous approach may not have been ideal. So perhaps it was better to wait until my concept evolved.
    • I still hope to get started on actually creating and publishing content soon though!
  • :clock5: Continuing to put off my quarterly review process, which I did an abbreviated version of last time. On the bright side, I’m doing a lot of work in coaching on time allocation, which is even more valuable than this regular review practice, and indeed will hopefully help me prioritize time for it, and other important things in my life.
  • :infinity: Setting up social time with friends
    • :cocktail: :pancakes: Slowly getting back to having people over in small groups, mostly for cocktail nights thus far. Hoping to do brunch again soon though! And maybe some practice for my brunch restaurant dreams…
  • :construction: Adding more ideas and old blog post drafts to my digital garden, slowly, very slowly (I have a ton of content I could put up here, if you’re curious about any of it, bug me!)
  • :stop_sign::construction: Photo editing and posting from my Western US road trip in fall 2019 (long overdue!) as well as other albums in the backlog. OK, this has basically been on hold for months as I’ve focused on other things. But dangit, I really want to get back to it soon!
  • :repeat: Evaluating community platforms for various projects past and present
  • :repeat:Testing new apps, especially in the note-taking space
    • Most recently Capacities, which is honestly pretty amazing at this stage. Check it out!
  • :infinity: Ongoing improvements to Discourse config, theme components, etc. across several Discourse instances (my own and those for clients, collaborators, etc.)

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