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Now (and Then)

This is the new and improved Digital Garden version of my “Now Page”. I now have a single Now Page, and will be calling my previous updates what they actually were: public journal updates. Moving forward you can see how my Now Page evolves using Discourse’s Edit History view, and feel free to comment there on anything in the topic at any time. Some replies may eventually seem to refer to text that is no longer there, but I think it will still be a reasonable way to handle it. Best to use the quote function if your response is particularly relevant to a particular part of the post though, as that will actually retain the context even as the current contents changes.

The Gardens

This is more or less where all the main content lives, aside from “Gardening on gardening” where I talk about digital gardening itself, and the “Now” category where my “Now Page” updates live.

Gardening on gardening

Digital Gardening is an interesting practice and it seems there may be plenty to talk about on that subject itself. Why garden, how garden, who garden, etc.


A more collaborative space where any of my collaborators can post new topics for a more equal approach to engagement.