Moving toward an "actual now"

As I mentioned in the post script of my last update, I have been thinking about how to improve this “Now” section. From the beginning, and even before moving it to my digital garden, I have been a little uncertain about the way I’ve handled it. If you look through the archives of my updates, essentially what I’ve been doing is more of a “journal”, whereas a “now page” is arguably about what is actually going on “now”(ish), or perhaps upcoming. Which is close to but a bit different than “what just happened” (last week). I think the former potentially invites more relevant engagement, e.g. “Oh hey, they’re working on this thing I’m also interested in. I should reach out and see if they want to collaborate.” or something, vs. “Oh I see they just finished with this thing I would have liked to be involved with”. Maybe.

Anyway, I’ve decided to try another experiment and shift toward a real “now” page. There is a bit of vulnerability in this, a little bit of public accountably perhaps. But it feels like a good adjustment, and one that makes things feel a little more congruent in this area.

Moving forward I’ll continue with the journal-like updates on the week prior, because I still enjoy sharing what happened. But I’ve also now added an actual, single “Now Page”, and I’ll be using the Discourse edit history function to allow people to see how it evolves over time. I also hope to perhaps add some reflection in my journal updates based on things I was trying to work on in my Now Page, i.e. “what worked, what didn’t”, rather that just a chronicle of interesting things that happened.

I’d love your feedback on all this, feel free to comment below!