Love it!

Hey @Oshyan! First of all congratulations are in order, you definitely deserve the kudos for actually setting this up and running.

I love what you have done here, and will happily comment over your articles once I read them. So excited to see this come to fruition :heart_eyes:

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Thanks, I’m pretty excited to have it up and running! In particular the dream I had of a digital garden really being a freeing writing context is already proving very accurate, and it feels really good to have this outlet now. Just today I was on the phone with my mom and trying to explain some things about Google Drive to her, and was reminded yet again how GDrive is needlessly confusing. So I wrote a “seed” post about it right after I got off the phone! From idea to public sharing in moments.

That’s something that would have just been a blog draft hidden in the back-end of Wordpress before. It probably wouldn’t have seen the light of day for months or even years, if I ever made the time to finish it. Now it’s out there, anyone who visits can see where I stand on it (hah), and hopefully comment with their own ideas or frustrations, or simply encouragement to keep writing about it. I do have some ideas how they might improve things, and I don’t pretend they are easy to implement or even the right thing to do, but it would be great to have some dialog about it, and now that potential is there from a mere 2 minutes of work (writing the title and a few sentences, basically :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:).

Anyway, it’s great to have this place now, and thanks again for the original idea and inspiration. :slight_smile:

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I am back here after long, and I must say you have done a lot of improvements :slight_smile: I don’t really get the Discourse vibe anymore (not as much as I anticipated anyways) and I am really considering getting my own instance up and running soon :slight_smile:

the one thing that I noticed was how much time the initial load of the homepage took. Maybe it’s because of the image tile display?

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Excellent, thanks! I still have many improvements planned, but it got to a point where I was happy enough, and content has been my main focus since then. Which is a good thing. I still have so much of that to add too. Half-finished topics with titles like “Zettelkasten is overrated” (:laughing:) and “Why you should be a rum enthusiast”.

Strange, it always seems to load quickly for me. I did a couple of speed tests on it with 3rd party sites, Google’s came up very well indeed (96 points for mobile, 100 desktop), while GTMetrix was more disappointing in a test from a server in Vancouver. Might have something to do with location? Definitely good to know, in any case. I have some thoughts about streamlining the front page and making it less image heavy, but that might depend on some Discourse changes/plugins that I am contemplating…

Overall I feel like Discourse has been a great choice for me. Now I hope to expand its utility, not just for me, but for others, to include things like cross-site collaboration, non-linear topic listing, and even perhaps a graph view…

Of course if you need any help or anecdotes about my experience setting all this, I am always happy to share! Thanks for checking back in. :slight_smile: