Why is Yelp so terrible? A rant

I’ve been a Yelp user for more than 10 years now (wow, that feels weird to say). And although when I initially discovered it, the wealth of first-hand information seemed great, it wasn’t long before I started to notice how many shortcomings it had. This was before even considering the potentially shady business practices it has been reported to have. Over time my disillusionment grew as I saw them adding few actually useful new features, and more often just doing redesigns that in many cases removed functionality or just added bugs. 2-3 times I saw the “notes” feature of Bookmarks (or “Collections” in newer iterations of Yelp) disappear from business profiles (currently they appear to be gone again, at least most of the time). This particular issue was definitely one of those that stood out the most over the years, but there are numerous other problems. So, coming soon, a rant! :joy: (and a story about how I escaped the clutches of Yelp and freed my data, and how you can too!)

  • Photos aren’t always sorted by date, making it very difficult to find e.g. recent menu photos or more recent particular food items
  • Notes for places in Bookmarks/Collections don’t show consistently on business pages
  • You need to go to the Collections manager to add/edit notes
  • No way to search in Collections