Week ending 9/18/2022

:rocket: Now that I’ve got my daily logging practice moved into Fibery, it’s time to do my first weekly log review using Fibery-adapted methods. For a first try it went remarkably well! Mostly it’s at least as good as my Obsidian process, and often better, and seems to have clear potential to get even better. One notable example is how I can use Fibery’s “feed view” (which shows all the Rich Text fields of a set of Entities in full, in a linear list) alongside a Weekly Review entity to take my notes. Previously I’d open up each day’s log successfully, and now I can just scroll down a single, long list of the happenings of the week. Win! Looking forward to finding many more opportunities for optimization in Fibery. And although it’ll probably be a little while before I’ll feel ready to share more, I’m excited about eventually being able to demo some of the cool things I’m setting up to document and organize my life.

:house: Working on a bunch of house improvement things, everything from decoration (got some photo prints hung up!), to removing a broken cabinet door (now the cabinet has no door, but at least I don’t run into it every time I walk past since it didn’t close before :sweat_smile:), to trying to fix my fridge’s water filter flow rate. Oh yeah, and I bought an accent chair! Yet to arrive, but it feels like big progress since I’ve been planning to get one for, oh… I dunno, months now.

:tropical_drink::brain: I got to the last stage of creating cocktail recipes for my friends’ wedding this week: batch testing. Since I was needing to make larger quantities anyway (you actually have to test scaling like this because often there are small adjustments that need to be made as you increase scale), I had a lot of cocktail mix to deal with, and I wanted to test them anyway, so I ended up making a few deliveries of cocktails to friends. I was a little nervous, the bride and groom had already tasted and given the thumbs-up, but these have to serve the whole guest list! Fortunately the feedback from my taste testers was also positive, so onward! And I learned a ton that should make all this easier in the future, as well as for when I (hopefully) get my future “open home bar” concept going…

:disappointed: Due to wildfire smoke I decided to cancel my camping plans this past week. Sadly when I checked later in the week it seemed the smoke might have cleared, but I had to make the best decision I could before I would have departed, so it was bound to be imperfect. Unfortunately we’re getting toward the end of the season, so I may not get to go again. The lesson here is just to start planning this stuff earlier in the year/summer, just go, and go again! I meant to go up to the Sonora Pass area last year and was stopped by smoke as well, and again, if I’d just gone earlier in the year I might have made it happen.

:lab_coat: I have long meant to experiment with a few common productivity methods that I’ve yet to actually test. One of those is Time Blocking, which I finally tried out a bit this week. I had mixed results, but I think it was interesting and useful nonetheless. Something I’ll probably try again (at which point I’d like to be a bit more specific about my experience so it might be of some use to others; sorry for the lack of detail for now).

:smiley: One of my little bad habits that actually contributes to an unnecessary amount of anxiety and worry in my life is waiting to reply to text messages, chats, etc. when I am a little uncertain how they’ll respond, or am not totally sure what to say. Obviously I want to figure out what to say before I reply, and yes occasionally when I decide to put it off something comes to me. But more often than not I just ruminate on my response, and when I finally get around to it, it’s later than I’d want, I feel bad about it being late, and its no better a reply than it likely would have otherwise been. So this week I practiced just replying as soon as I reasonably could. And hey, it wasn’t that bad, and undoubtedly worked better! This might well be something I just really need to instill into daily practice, because there’s little benefit to my prior delaying habit.

:white_check_mark: Another week, another accountability check-in with my friend and neighbor. This continues to be super valuable, and this time we both did pretty well on our goals. If you don’t have an accountabilibuddy, I highly encourage you to find one!

:herb: In case you haven’t noticed by now, I also added a number of new ideas and other posts to my digital garden here. I have a ton of content I want to add here, and this is partly the result of a “just post it” approach that is really better aligned with the whole ethos of this place. So I will try to keep practicing it.

:rose: Last but not least, I had a great second date with the person I met last week. Is it too early for :champagne:? Yes, yes it is. But it’s promising and starting to get a little more exciting, too. It’s been too long since I’ve actually been genuinely interested in someone, quite honestly. So this has been really nice thus far.