Week ending 7/31/2022

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:hammer_and_wrench: The more I think about moving all my PKM + task management to Fibery, the more sense it’s making. I haven’t yet done serious experimentation, but I keep coming up with new ideas for cool ways to do things that are currently not well served with my existing toolset and workflow. I’m hoping to start initial implementation this coming week, wish me luck!

:video_camera: I may have mentioned this before, but if so it’s been a long time: I kinda want to start a YouTube channel. Cocktail content, focused on the needs of the home bartender specifically, practical stuff to save time, energy, money, etc. and focus on the good and fun parts. There is already a ton of content out there on cocktail making and spirits, of course, but even though a lot of it is how-to-oriented, it still feels a little out of touch with the average home drink maker. Anyone who is telling you to just fat wash an entire 750ml bottle of spirits is really not think about how long it’d take the average person to go through that at home. :smile: So how do you use up excess ingredients? Do you really have to make clear ice, and if so, what’s the best, cheapest, fastest way? (hint: it’s not putting a whole mini-cooler in your freezer). What about egg white, does the bottled stuff work just as well? Anyway, lots of questions I think need answering, and nobody else seems to really be addressing this stuff (if you know of a good “practical tips for home bartending” type of channel let me know!).

:framed_picture: Oh man, my wall print decorating odyssey really does not want to end. I thought I’d made a bunch of progress recently, but then I found (or to be more accurate, couldn’t help myself going to look for) several more good-looking candidates. So two steps forward, one back. But my first-time-buyer coupon is expiring at the end of July, so I don’t have much time to make up my mind. That, if anything, will hopefully save me. :sweat_smile:

:house_with_garden: Over the last 2 years I have been keeping an eye on the local housing market, and slowly researching the best ways I might be able to leverage a real estate company’s resources to get a leg up in a competitive market. This past week one of the last pieces finally fell into place as I finally got confirmation from our accountant on my understanding of how Fringe Benefits taxation works. It seemed too good to be true for a while, but after talking to multiple accountants and doing a fair bit of research myself, I think we can actually invest in a house, which will have significant appreciation over time, and the business can pay me to live in it and still save money on my salary annually. Which is just… crazy. And cool. And could be a dream come true. We’ll see if I can actually bring it all together though…

:jeans: Where’s the procrastination emoji?.. Well, I’ve had a bunch of pants that I bought over the last few years just sitting around unworn, because I need most pants to be shortened to accommodate my leetle 5’5" stature. Some of these pants were even from before the pandemic, so I had no real excuse, but during the pandemic of course it was easy to tell myself I didn’t really need those pants for a bunch of reasons. But really I do, and I wish I’d had them all this time. Finally, I am doing something about it. It’s so simple, 15 minutes at a low-key alterations place, and now I already have 2 “new” pairs of pants. 4 more coming soon! Little victories, man. So don’t be surprised if I’m wayyy more stylish soon. :sunglasses::smile:

:scream_cat: My cat Sam is very much an indoor cat. I’m always careful about not letting her out when company comes over, or I go outside, etc. Still, she has managed to escape a couple of times. This past week one of the worst incidents seems to have occurred (don’t worry though, everything’s fine), and I still can’t be sure exactly what happened. In short, I had a friend over, and at the end of the night after nearly 3 hours hanging out, we discovered the front door was open about a cat-width, and it had apparently been open since she arrived. :grimacing: And suddenly it started to make sense, Sam had seemed a bit agitated all evening, and kept showing up all meowy where we were hanging out, jumping up and getting some attention briefly, then disappearing from the room for 15 minutes or so. I now suspect she had been going outside each of those times, and coming back confused but excited. It’s still hard for me to imagine how the door didn’t get closed properly, but reality is hard to argue with. Unfortunately Sam has been rather restless and wanting to go outside far more since then, scratching at the front and back doors, meowing loudly… I hope this too will pass… :weary:

:swimming_man: :blush: I went back up to the Yuba this past weekend with a new friend, but someone who it turns out really shares a lot of my feelings on nature and had a way of being in and enjoying it that resonated quite a lot with me. We ended up exploring down river for quite a long time, adventurous, child-like, in wonder, delight, curiosity, and more. It was truly one of the best Yuba experiences I’ve had in quite some time, and really confirmed some feelings I’d had the last time I went a little earlier this year: the Yuba itself is great, swimming is really nice, but I enjoy it most fully when I can share it with other people who revel in its special beauty in a similar way as I do. And, in particular, people who want to adventure and explore its ever-changing landscape. More of this, please!