Week ending 7/18/2021

Chrome Tabs : 85 → 72 :tada:

Gmail Inbox : 66 → 57 Unread, 73 → 64 Total :fire:

The return to bullet points experiment continues… (so far it does not seem to help much :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)

  • Started How Emotions Are Made audio book. I previously read this in print but wanted a refresher on the concepts. Recommended!

  • Some progress on processing photos more quickly, at least in certain situations. I was able to turn around a set of shots from a friend’s memorial (as I mentioned recently). However I am finding some challenges with white balance and skin tone at times (new camera), and also still learning my way around the A7 III’s many autofocus options.

  • After reaching a pandemic high-bar for weight a month or two ago, I finally returned to my Intermittent Fasting practice (a fluid form of 5:2 that varies week-to-week), and cut back on desserts, and I’ve lost several pounds already. Woo!

  • After over a month of discussion I accepted a consulting contract with promising new self-hosted, distributed, offline-first PKM app Anytype. I’m excited to be able to contribute and impressed at what they’ve accomplished so far!

  • Navigating some differences in style, expectation, and goals between me and my life coach (we’ve worked together for years now, so it’s worth mentioning this is ongoing, and this seems to be a bit of a recent locus). Interesting and valuable process!

  • Relatedly, I had some interesting thoughts and insights around my personal project preferences (broader, more shallow, rather than deep and focused), task management challenges (I don’t actually put all the things I want to do in as tasks, so unsurprisingly there are time management issues), and more.

  • I’m back to watching The Expanse, from the beginning (having dropped off some time in Season 2 on my first watch a few years back). It really is a great show, incredibly well produced, and mostly well acted (I still find Alex’s character to not quite click for me though - hopefully that improves in later seasons).

  • Hike date with some goats! Date success, goat success, amazing views success. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

  • As regular readers will know, I’ve raised caterpillars into butterflies a couple years in a row now. I had a ton earlier this season, but many of them have not emerged as butterflies after pupating, and I’m not sure why. So I’ve been hesitant to bring more in. But I discovered 4 eggs on my dill plant and I didn’t want them to eat it all, so I brought them in and have them munching on some fennel now. It’s nice to have some back inside to watch!

  • Pulled together a big batch of cocktails (~10) for a friend’s birthday somewhat last minute in a pivot from various prior experiments. It went over fairly well. I want to get better at this, but it was a good lesson and experience I think. (I finally got the color right: purple!)

  • New plant! I love how easy begonias are to propagate. This is from a couple cuttings a dear friend gave me back on my Oregon road trip in June, and now it’s happily sprouting new leaves (and roots)!