Is it garden enough?

Recently, in an ironic distortion of my original intent for this place, I have begun to sometimes question whether a majority of the content I tend to put here is actually appropriate for a “digital garden”. Ideas seem quite right for the format and context. But what about product reviews, or how-to articles? Random tips on food or travel? Podcast recommendations? Why is it that these things seem less “appropriate” for a digital garden, to me?

I think this is probably based in good part on my experience of other people’s digital gardens and their content. Many are quite philosophical or otherwise less functionally oriented. Opinions, sure, but not so often (in my experience) recommendations, much less reviews. Still, this has so far been what I have wanted to put here, so clearly it “belongs” here. Perhaps I just have yet to find the right way to contextualize it here so that it feels congruent. Like everything it is a work in progress, and perhaps I’ll find the way at some point…

In the meantime I thought I’d voice my thoughts on it in case anyone had a similar feeling or wants to talk more about the philosophy of digital gardening itself.