An ongoing list of Anytype feature requests that are (mostly) not my own

This is just a simple and regularly updated list of notable feature requests in the Anytype community, whether in Telegram or the newer Discord server, or on Reddit or whatever. This probably seems like an odd thing to put here, but there is no easy, public place to put this kind of thing in the Anytype community itself. And I want a place to point people to when they ask about things.

This list is not necessarily in any particular order, though I may try to adjust it by perceived frequency or popularity of request if I get a chance.

Requested but Not Confirmed

  • Underline formatting
  • Open attached files natively for common formats, e.g. embedded audio/video player, PDF viewing (note that Anytype team have confirmed native audio playing will be added, other formats are unclear)
  • Graph (or “network”) view, like Roam, Obsidian, etc.
  • LaTeX support
  • Whiteboard function and/or “draw”
  • Simple tables (may have been confirmed by Anytype team, need to verify)
  • File edit “round tripping”, i.e. click file inside Anytype, open external app, edit, save changes back to Anytype
  • Sidebar for notes (like Roam)
  • Cloud storage support for files and/or general sync (e.g. Onedrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Github)
  • Reoccurring/repeating tasks
  • Change Anytype local storage location
  • Hand-written notes
  • Right-to-left text support
  • Spaced repetition (SRS, e.g. Anki)
  • Pomodoro timer
  • Shortcut to a specific page on mobile
  • Various integrations (e.g. Google Calendar)
  • “Toggle” as property of a block, not type of block
  • /time and /date expansion functions (i.e. fill in current time/date)
  • Vi key bindings
  • Built-in chat function
  • ICS (calendar file) import

Confirmed Future Features

  • Databases
  • Kanban board
  • Reminders (assuming this is the same as/similar to “notifications”)
  • Web clipper
  • Publish pages publicly
  • Collaboration/share privately
  • Built-in audio player for audio files (see “Open attached files natively” above)