Why journal in public?

I had an uncomfortable thought in the shower today… no wait, it’s not what you think! I started to ask myself: why do I publish my weekly updates, why do I “journal” in public? Is it for me, or do I think other people actually want to read them, and if not the latter, why spend time making them look nice? What’s my purpose here?

  • It helps me process my own thoughts and experiences differently than my own internal reflections. Publicizing forces me to confront outside perceptions and brings different insights.
  • It is a way to talk about and share smaller things I am interested in or creating without having to make a whole separate topic about it, e.g. random interesting photos from the week, an article I read, a video I made, etc.
  • It invites potential collaboration on projects or ideas I mention.
  • It is a possible way for people who are interested to quickly and easily keep up to date on what I’m doing. It might seem weird, but for example friends I am less frequently in touch with. I for one would be interested in the option to read similar updates from some of my other friends!
  • I also hope that, by sometimes talking about procrastination or other personal challenges, my own example will help normalize that for others who experience it

To be continued…