Week ending 7/25/2021

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Bullet experiment continues, this time it worked! But I don’t love the way the images format when interleaved. Maybe going without bullets but still keeping it short will be just fine… next week? :thinking:

  • A good week for my digital garden, several new posts, and some public engagement.
  • I had some interesting connection and discussion with a friend around gamification of life, digital gardens, etc. It felt good to share some of these interests, most of my in-person friends aren’t into this sort of thing.
  • Got a whole new set of cooking pots/pans (Tramontina from Costco). Used minimally so far but they seem very nice!
  • Decided I shouldn’t be dining-in at restaurants anymore for a little bit, Delta variant, etc. But if vaccine requirements for bar/restaurant dine-in get adopted, I might reconsider.
  • Since the pandemic has been easing, I’ve been doing a lot fewer Zooms. One in particular that I’ve missed was a weekly cocktail get-together, where I got to know a lot of really great people over the past year+. It had been a couple months since the last, but we did another this past week with a “Summer harvest” theme and I made some pretty drinks. :grin:

  • First week or two of Anytype work is going well, still getting my head around everything, and have yet to get to the real “meat” of some of the work (not my favorite stuff to do, hah). But we’re getting there. And there is a lot of exciting stuff coming and great potential for improvement, in my view.
  • A nice, final visit with a dear friend who is leaving to go to grad school on the East Coast. And I got to show her around one of my favorite local “hidden gems”, Blake Garden. A few random interesting shots (far from a good overall representation of the place :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:). Passion flower, tunnel through a bush, cool swirl on some water, and light through the trees…

  • I finally got to do a day up at the Yuba river with a friend. More limited than my usual with his dog there, we had to take turns hanging out with her or she’d make a fuss. :expressionless: But it was still a lot of fun, and most importantly we discovered a really cool new (to us) area called Emerald Pools. This shot hardly does it justice.