Week ending 7/11/2021

OK, this week I’m starting an experiment. I previously switched from a short-form, bullet point style for these updates, to a more long-form, paragraph style. Unsurprisingly the latter takes me more time to write, and while I often enjoy the results more, I am also generally not finishing them as soon as I want to because they take more investment.

So in the spirit of lowering friction, which this whole digital garden approach exemplifies, I’m going to try bullet points again. That’s how the content generally starts, coming directly from my weekly log reviews, so it should be a lot faster to put together and be posted more promptly. It’ll still require some edits, of course, to change it from addressing myself to addressing an audience, for one thing. But it should be a lot easier.

Having said that, the bullet points will necessarily be less elaborated and clear. So please do ask me about anything that interests you, I’m happy to discuss further!

  • Photo sorting and editing takes me a long time. So it’s exciting when I make good progress in a given week and am able to actually post a good set of photos. This week I posted some stuff from my “Great Western Road Trip” of fall 2019 (yes, that’s how behind I am on this stuff :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:).

  • Big Rig Travels is now posting my occasional time lapses of his trips on his own official channel. Very cool!
  • I publicly shared some app testing notes for the first time. I think it will be a nice source of additional, new content. Also added a few other new things here.
  • I had a good first date, my first in-person one since the pandemic began! And working on a 2nd date already. :slight_smile:
  • Some interesting cocktail experiments, milk clarifying, for a friend’s birthday drinks.
  • I finally did some video tests for my upcoming YouTube channel I’m tentatively calling “Home Bar Heroes”, and they went well! Audio and video are good. Now all I really need to do is nail my script, memorize it, and record, I think. It turns out that shaving for my date the previous night was motivating, because I didn’t want to record a channel intro all scruffy. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
  • I discovered I have a bunch of passion fruits in my garden this year! I only had 2-3 last year, and there are probably 10 or more this time.
  • I went to a beautiful memorial gathering at the beach for my friend who passed away. I was able to take and share a lot of photos with everyone afterward as well, and it felt good to contribute. On the drive home we also swung by Lake Sonoma for a gorgeous view at sunset…