Week ending 6/19/2022

  • Initial idea, further consideration, planning, and then testing of my “Saturday Projects Focus” idea. Mixed but promising results so far. It’s a bit hard to truly stay that focused for the entire day, but a lot of progress can still be made, and depending on the project and how much work it actually is, I could certainly finish some and get them out of the way (e.g. Big Rig Travels time-lapse music and posting, I think).
  • First full-on Saturday Projects test with True Facts Caterpillar video stuff. Took longer than I hoped/expected. I made a lot of progress, but only shared a few new vids and there is still at least a full day of work to do. But… it was still successful in the sense that I made a lot of progress, and learned more about realistic time estimation, etc. Just not sure when I can get back to and finish this…
  • Some notable garden progress. Fertilized tomatoes. Harvested a bunch more oregano (the rest, basically) and hung to dry this time, woo! And got blue turmeric in the mail and planted.
  • Date with X from Hinge. Went fine, some good/interesting conversation, but no real spark. I wonder how much that has to do with her accent and English not being the best. I’ve sort of dreaded having a 1st date where this would happen, it wasn’t so bad, just a little awkward, but might have affected my first impression…
  • Posted an outline initial draft of a non-alcoholic drinks how-to on my digital garden. It just kind of poured out of me one day, and I do love that feeling. Really makes me feel like I am holding a lot of valuable content in my head and just need time/space and being in the right head space to get it out there.
  • A good week socially. Hike with V, saw A, made plans for cocktail party with C’s crew. Bit of messaging with R. I like maintaining that connection.