Week ending 4/11/2021

Posting this after the fact since I’ve been lagging on getting to my updates lately (and hence no Gmail/Chrome tab stats). In fact, procrastination has been tough the last few weeks. But posting this is a good sign, and an opportunity to check something off my list, so I’ll take a little victory where I can get it. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

As I mentioned recently, I have some new caterpillars in the house again. This past week I got some amazing new footage, including tiny caterpillars turning in their eggs, and eventually a whole sequence of one emerging. So cool! And satisfying to still be able to catch some amazing new stuff even after over 1000 photos (and maybe 100 videos) captured last summer.

And video:

I’ve mentioned Big Rig Travels before, a live streaming trucker that I’m oddly obsessed with. This week I decided to do some time lapse experiments with some of his recent videos, with some pretty enjoyable results (IMO). I might do more. Check them out below (may be slow to stream).

Believe it or not, I’m not sure I’ve ever cooked a whole chicken on my own. I used to make lots of breasts and thighs, occasional drumsticks, simply baked in the oven. But as far as whole chickens, it just always seemed more complicated. Well, turns out it’s not. A very simple Thomas Keller recipe (that is basically the first result in Google) shows how easy it can actually be. Forget putting butter under the skin, butterflying/spatchcocking, etc. You literally just dry the bird, salt and pepper, and bake at higher temp for 60 minutes. That’s it! So I successfully cooked my first whole chicken this week, and had delicious leftovers throughout.

A good friend (and former roommate) needed a place to stay for a few days (he’s vaccinated), and it was a unique opportunity to reconnect with him and for my kitty to get some more social time (which she loves). I haven’t had roommates for 5 years or so, and it was also an interesting reminder of those times…

Finally, I got to take on a super secret project, and it’s another opportunity to implement and customize Discourse. So I’m pretty excited about that. Hopefully I can talk more about it soon.