Week ending 2/28/2021

Chrome Tabs : 83 -> 76

Gmail Inbox : 68 -> 63 Unread, 70 -> 66 Total

  • More work off and on through the week on my Digital Garden, but still not complete/launched. Soon I hope. (launched the day after I wrote this!)
  • Lots more work and thought on orchestrating the purchase of an Oakland hills house. Since my family is in real estate I think there may be some creative ways we can approach this to keep costs down and maximize value over time.
  • I tried to go see an amazing-looking house on Thornhill Drive, but it was super popular, and sadly I had to let the opportunity go. It really kind of seemed like the perfect house… But it’ll probably sell above what we’re willing to pay anyway. I maintain watches on Zillow and Realtor.com for new opportunities…
  • A bunch of work in the day job, accomplishing a lot. Woo! :tada:
  • Still practicing yoga, I’ve missed a few days here and there, but mostly doing alternate days, which is not bad. I have been mostly doing it in the evenings, but it often feels like a scheduling issue and I’ve wanted to see if it would work better earlier. So I finally tried a daytime session and it seems promising!
  • I’ve been aiming for an 11PM bed time all this week (from 11:30PM prior) and while I seldom quite make that, I’ve made decent progress and on average I think I’m getting better sleep. I’ll keep at it…
  • I had an intermittent fasting practice for quite some time but during the pandemic I’ve let it go for long stretches. My weight was around 140 on average while I was still doing it, and has definitely gone up since. I avoided weighing myself for quite a while recently, not because I was really afraid of the number, I’m just not really focusing on it and since I’m not fasting regularly, I’m less concerned about how it might be fluctuating. But I did finally weigh myself again and I’m only 145.5! Not bad at all considering I haven’t fasted for at least a month.

  • I did some fun food experiments, in particular I tried out a recipe for Foreign Cinema’s scrambled eggs with Meyer lemon salsa (see above). It’s quite good, though a bit more work than I think the result justifies. I’m already pretty good at scrambled eggs. :wink: Granted this is definitely a more unique and “showy” version though.
  • Got a nice check for some consulting work over the past month or so. Always feels good to get paid. :slightly_smiling_face:
  • I finally got a hand mixer, opting for a cheaper one as they all seem to have speed and reliability issues anyway (according to Amazon reviews). More tropical-flavored coffee cakes in my future! (passion fruit is next!)
  • I wrote a follow-up to my Productivist community post expressing concern about Notion’s trajectory and future
  • I finally posted all my butterfly/moth photos and videos to Flickr as Creative Commons, and announced on Facebook and Twitter. I had previously shared a limited gallery with a few friends, but I took over 1000 photos and some really cool 4k videos of caterpillar’s pupating, etc. So I’ve been wanting to do share it all for ages. I’m really hoping it’s helpful to someone out there, for education, science, reference, or what-have-you.
  • Another week with Amazing Marvin and continuing to adjust it and get used to it. I’m honestly a bit overwhelmed by the configurability, so I am putting off a lot of testing/adjustment for now, and as a result it has some sub-optimal aspects, but it seems at least as good as my previous ToDoist workflow, and more importantly there is really strong potential for a much better flow once I have time/energy to further customize.