Week ending 10/31/2021

Chrome Tabs : 66 → 63

Gmail Inbox : 44 → 45 Unread, 50 → 50 Total

:confused: This was a rollercoaster of a week. A consulting project I’ve been working on for months finally finished, and the day of completion was a bit stressful. Some last minute confusion and miscommunications, and the dawning realization that it seems I did not fully inform all stakeholders. It never feels good to find out that you didn’t cover all the bases, but it’s always a learning opportunity, as it is here. I think there are some situational aspects to it, some organizational challenges that contributed to the issues that arose, but I also have some important responsibility here. I’ll be thinking and talking about this in the coming week to try to improve communications processes and habits moving forward.

:couch_and_lamp: After my sofa color mockups last week, I went and got the actual swatches from the company and took more photos in the real-world lighting of my space. Now to make more accurate mockups, and with more of the available colors, and hopefully make a final decision in the coming week!

:rose: I ran across an old acquaintance on a dating app, from when I lived up in Sonoma County. Someone I actually had a secret (or at least silent :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:) crush on back then. So I figured I’d reach out, at least see if we have anything in common these days. :grin: No reply yet, but who knows if she’s even on there anymore. OK Cupid used to have clear information for when someone was last on the site (at least they do still have “active” indicators I think). I found that really helpful, but I suppose perhaps there are privacy issues with it, I dunno. I doubt that’s why they removed it anyway. :roll_eyes:

:face_with_head_bandage: I’m not sure if I mentioned, but I injured my hamstring several months ago (I’m honestly not sure how, but I think overdoing it in yoga). It has taken me a while to really take it seriously, I’m sad to say, but happily it does seem to be healing. My understanding is it’s a slow injury to heal, and that has certainly been my experience thus far. But I’m able to do light yoga and some walking and hiking, so far, so at least there’s that.

:desert: :popcorn: I saw Dune in theaters, the first movie I’ve been to in some 2 years! My review is here if you’re interested:

:child: It was a really nice week for social time as well. A friend of mine is pregnant with her second child, and she’ll be on maternity leave for several months. She was hopeful I’d want to hang out, but worried I wouldn’t want to spend a bunch of time around the kids. Well, fortunately I do want to spend time with kids! I must say, although it’s something I’ve worked a bit on over the years, I remain not especially comfortable interesting with children. But it’s something I still want to work on, and this is a great opportunity to do so! Her first is a really sweet kid, who likes people a lot, so that helps. :slight_smile:

:stuffed_flatbread::blush: I also went to a small dinner party with some talented food friends. They’re always experimenting and it’s almost inevitably delicious. I am less of a food magician (more of a cocktail wizard :grin:), so I am usually the benefactor of their ambitions and curiosity in the kitchen, which was certainly true this time. There was lahmacun (Turkish pizza), muhammara (red pepper and walnut dip), and an amazing semolina, pistachio, and rosewater cake! I did a few cocktail experiments, and had an almost-hit with a salad-inspired tomato-cucumber-aleppo-pepper-martini riff, but their creations were certainly the stars. After dinner we had a great conversation together, and I realized some really interesting similarities between one of the group and myself, which made me feel closer to and more aware of them in a notable way. Couldn’t ask for much more than that from an evening with friends!

:man_farmer: Last but not least my passion fruit vine, which has been growing some 20-30 fruits for the past several months, is finally starting to drop ripe (or nearly ripe) little fruits! I brought several of them inside and they smell delicious just sitting on the counter. I can’t wait to experiment with passion fruits I grew myself! It has taken a few years for this vine to mature enough to bear more than 1-2 fruits, and this the first year I’ll have a real harvest, so it’s pretty exciting and satisfying.