Week Ending 1/25/2021

Chrome Tabs : 81 -> 83

Gmail Inbox : 74 -> 68 Unread, 80 -> 70 Total

  • Last week’s struggles with procrastination followed me into this week. But then on Friday and Saturday I had a breakthrough and got more done than the entire rest of the week! Procrastination and motivation are strange that way…
  • I started reading “Internal Family Systems Therapy”, by Richard C. Schwartz. It’s an introduction to a therapy model that I’ve heard many good things about, and have to some degree practiced with both my coach and therapist. But now it feels potentially valuable to get more versed in it, for myself and for my mom who has been struggling with some challenges of her own.
  • A flat tire led to having to cancel a whole bunch of well laid plans for a day out in San Francisco. :cry::trumpet: (that’s the closest to a trombone I could get)
  • I built a simple AMD-based low-end server for a consulting project. I used to build computers fairly often, and it turns out I miss it, and it’s easier these days! So I actually had fun.
  • A couple months after the start of the pandemic, I read some random article about ways to entertain or distract yourself with live streams from around the world. From that I found several that I still watch today, including Africam, Explore.org’s Aurora Camera, and the quirky trucking live-streamer Steve on Big Rig Travels. He’s had some streaming issues lately so I looked into some alternative Android apps for him (unsolicited) and may have been helpful, we’ll see… Regardless if you enjoy road trips it can be fun to watch along sometimes.
  • Working through some challenging interactions with my step-mom and land partner.
  • I finished listening to Bill Bryson’s “At Home” audio book, and if you like Bryson’s work, you’ll like this. Fascinating (and often disturbing) history in the context of how we came to our modern usage and naming of various parts of the home. Next I’m starting up 60+hrs of Sherlock Holmes stories read by Stephen Fry! That should keep me occupied for a bit. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
  • My great aunt passed away (unrelated to COVID), so I went to my first COVID-era funeral, simulcast on Zoom. Strange times indeed.
  • Thanks to my burst of productivity at the end of the week, I made a nice dent in my Inbox statistics, along with getting back to some interesting review of past life logs (October, 2013 in this case, wherein I sustained a unique head injury on a date! :face_with_head_bandage::crazy_face:).

Random view from my daily neighborhood walk