Tracking Discourse enhancement requests?

My guess is we have a “wiki object” at the top of a page somewhere in this garden.

However, I am also wondering how to best integrate with the needs and requests of the greater Discourse community.

I’m guessing the Discourse community itself has a process in place (which probably includes feature voting of some kind?)

sad to see platforms like GetSatisfaction have disappeared and I see UserVoice is still around but I never really personally found traction because these platforms are too “product-centric” and what we need are “people-centered” forums where we talk about our life use cases (kinda like we are doing here to some degree :slight_smile: ) and what is the tool mix that fits best and how do these tools need to adapt to our growing needs? [change management at a more holistic level]

ok - input requested on how to best track Discourse enhancement requests inside the bigger picture :slight_smile:

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I think it would probably be good to discuss any such requests here, probably as individual topics, maybe with a new tag like #discourse or #software-features maybe (to make it more general). That way we can determine if something is actually a useful feature request, or if there are existing solutions, etc. before posting to the official “Discourse Meta” community as a proper request. But once we do decide it should be requested and we feel we have a good articulation of exactly what we’re suggesting, Meta is definitely the one and only place to put it.