The possible futures of digital communication - a Map of Content

I’d like to start sharing various semi-related ideas I’ve been having around different aspects of digital communications, how it could be improved, how I’d like to see it evolve, and perhaps also some discussion of the unsolved challenges and questions in the overall space. For a while I have been collecting these ideas and intending to create longer-form topics that cover multiple, more closely-related ideas, but this has meant that these thoughts go unshared for a long time as the process of collating and tying it all together feels daunting and time consuming. So for now I’m going to try to share individual ideas and link to and perhaps lightly connect them here as a sort of jumping-off point for my overall thoughts in this area. I also hope that one day the Graph or network view for navigating connections between Discourse topics will allow you to navigate these interconnected ideas more visually!

Private vs. Public Communications

Moving private conversation into public channels - recipient fluidity and negotiating permissions with the help of AI