Slack is the wrong tool for communities at scale

I’ve been seeing more and more software companies and others building non-business, ostensibly open communities using Slack and I really can’t understand the thinking behind it, unless it’s just laziness (i.e. “We already use Slack internally, why not for our users too?”). Anyone who knows the limitations of Slack’s free plan know it can’t work for a community long-term, and anyone familiar with its pricing know it’s not sustainable for the vast majority of user communities that don’t have a significant profit model.

I’ve got a lot more to write on this soon…

I say “at scale”, because I think Slack can work for communities that aren’t very large. But even there a good part of that assumes that you pay for licenses for each member so that you can benefit from the search and archives beyond 10k messages long-term, which ties in to why larger scale is generally unsustainable (cost).