Other examples of digital gardens

One of the interesting and exciting things about digital gardens is that we’re at a point where there is not yet much standardization, which means things have not (yet?) become homogenized as the blog world seems to have long ago. Many people are using different tools, and creating things that look very different from one another. I’m using a “thumbnails”/masonry type view in part because it’s different from others I have seen, and it’s an experiment to see how well it serves the base concept and overall goals of a digital garden.

So I’d like to share some good resources for exploring other people’s take on the concept. Eventually I want to have a short list of some of my favorites, but for now here are two great directories that list a lot of good examples, and some info on them (including, on Maggie Appleton’s site, some info about the tech stack used by each, which is particularly interesting at this stage).

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