Multiplayer digital garden hunt is on!

I love it that you envision cross-instance quoting!

I’m glad I can quote here :slight_smile:

register at and let’s create a thread or two there! it’s the closest I’ve seen - think of the root of a conversation thread being a google doc object!

I will attempt to share a conversation to the email i have for you and we can tinker a bit!

ps. could i have made this post public somehow? i just wanted to thread and change the subject! (if you are able to move this thread to a public area of your site with a click of a button, you have my permission!)

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Yes, but only in the “Lounge” area. You can quote from any topic on my Discourse instance (, and you can reply anywhere, but you can only create new topics in the Lounge due to how I currently have the permissions. I haven’t yet decided how to navigate public contributions in any more integrated way.

That said …

I did! And I put it in the “Gardening on Gardening” area since it seems kind of “meta”.

I will follow you over to Rizomma, I believe I gave it a brief look quite some time ago, but never had someone to test it properly with. :slight_smile:

woo hoo! hello world! :earth_asia: :wave:

just a quick note on Rizzoma - I invited you to play there just to explore what they managed to build and see if it’s a source of inspiration. I am not anticipating a ton of momentum. I just want to share a different paradigm for maintaining a “commons” - a different model for discussions, threading, tagging, permissions, tasks and most importantly, co-editing!

If anyone else is interested in playing in Rizzoma with us, please PM me and happy to add you to our explorations.

My hope is that our insights loop back around here to Discourse (until we declare otherwise!) as we find different platforms that support multiplayer digital gardening.

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(hey I notice I can’t edit/clean up the original “post”/note above)

I wanted to include a clarification that what distinguishes this note from the note on Collaborative Digital Gardening is this note is a bit more focused on the implementation side of things - a willingness to explore existing components and solutions out there just to get ideas and not reinvent the wheel. The latter appears more focused on needs assessment and clarifying what we envision (which I feel is exactly where we should be and building momentum!)

This note is potentially a place to list components we have explored and an opportunity to discuss others worth taking a peek at.

I don’t know how clear cut these two threads will be and just thought I’d take a moment to take a stab at distinguishing them!

EDIT: This thread could easily be just about Rizzoma and chosen to make this thread the higher path to discuss platforms in general and branch from here.

Hah, that was to do with your “user level”, which is another default Discourse feature quite helpful in a forum context (preventing new, untrusted members from doing potentially bad things), but here in this context doesn’t make as much sense. At least not for you, a known quantity. :wink: Anyway, I “promoted” you so now you should have a lot more control, including later edits of your posts (that are not Wikis, which can always be edited).

Ah, interesting. I guess I hadn’t seen it that way until you said so, hence my recent message there with some thoughts on alternate platforms. I suppose what I would say is that I see benefit in having the discussion of tools out in public, like the other topic (this one is a private message between the two of us, of course). The more people who can see and contribute to it, the more likely we’ll find any existing solutions that are out there. That doesn’t mean that the existing topic has to be the tools discussion topic, but I do think we should have that in public, even if it’s just another topic in the same space (Category). And probably cross-linked from the Wiki area in both… It’s all a work in progress, and if you have a clearer sense of things feel free to lead a bit more.