Modeling flow between TFT and discussion platforms

Continuing the discussion from Testing conversation threading in Slack vs. quoting in Discourse:

While the larger conversation is discussion flow between TFT and discussion platforms, I am going to get into details around my personal stake in the matter and help build context and keep things concrete.

One of the things I’m up to is to upgrade the experience of Wellbeing Club by January 2023 with the capacity to include experts in wellbeing who can contribute to discussions without expecting them to be proficient and/or even be familiar with Roam (or TFTs in general).

This defines a whole new level of participation (and input!) and access to a much much larger world of people who can contribute. This will continue to work towards a vision of a publicly accessible Wellbeing Commons anyone in the world can access and contribute to.

We would test it with current organizers and choose at least 1 coach/expert/author corresponding to each of the 5 elements (to ensure they bring a perspective of what it’s like to lead discussion in that supporting role). The 5 elements are purpose, social, financial, physical, and community.

There is an underlying vision for Wellbeing Advisories to be created both at a local and global scale (it is in fact, fractal and networked in nature) To keep it simple, it would be great for 5 “elemental” coaches to align with each other around a common goal. Contrast this to going to your financial advisor who probably doesn’t chat with your dating coach or your doctor.

For the record, I did run into 5 coaches who were a team around the Wellbeing 5 (5 Essential Elements of Wellbeing) so it would be great to approach them with an initial model/prototype. We certainly don’t need to wait until January to see if this model scales to at least 100 participants (and the resultant support network!)

Ok - I hope this is a start to keeping the higher ground and what’s on the ground!

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So are you contemplating/suggesting using Discourse as a platform and having these people contribute to/work in it as an experiment? If not, I’m a little unclear on the practical/functional aspects of what you’re describing.

If, as the title describes, it’s more about interop between TfT and discussion platforms, we will really need dev support to make that happen. I don’t know what the status of any of that might be, e.g. DVargas. In theory it should be simple between e.g. Roam and Discourse because both are essentially markdown. You could easily import a Discourse discussion into Roam, to e.g. include the less TfT-adept into the knowledge graph.

Getting the data out of Roam and into Discourse is also totally possible but more a matter of challenge in figuring out exactly how to present it. Is one “page” a Discourse "Topic? I don’t think any other primitive in Discourse makes more sense for a Roam page. There’s no equivalent of blocks, so everything would be represented more as linear text, with bullet points where possible, but no real outliner, folding, etc. That should be enough for average folks to be able to read and engage with though. And on the bright side quoting features in Discourse would make interacting with and “responding” to the Roam imported data quite easy…

Hmm. Interesting things to think about. But again we need dev support. Thoughts?