Idea: Calendar events/reminders derived from YouTube (or other) videos

This is a small idea, but I think it could be useful. Recently I’ve been doing yoga from a series of YouTube videos. Right now I just use a browser extension (tab snooze) to pop up the next video in the series, which I set right after my practice of the previous day. But the lengths of the videos/practices vary, sometimes quite a bit, and it would be nice to know ahead of time, e.g. when I’m looking at the day ahead in my calendar. There are also other videos I sometimes would want to calendar to watch, e.g. if they’re longer videos or something.

What if you could just put a video URL into a calendar “event” and it would detect the length and show that appropriately on the calendar? And then, of course, give you a nice little reminder, perhaps with the video as a pop-up right there, if desired.

Thinking about it further, it would be even cooler to be able to import a YouTube playlist as consecutive videos on following days, and so do it all more or less automatically. Schedule a whole month of yoga sessions just by pasting a video playlist into your calendar! Cool, no?