Bitters & Bottles: A (Nearly) Perfect Store for Cocktail Enthusiasts

I just think it occupies such a unique and valuable niche. There is literally no other place in the Bay Area that combines all the same elements. Obviously the selection/stocking choices matter a lot, but honestly the fact that the pricing is nearly always as good or better than any other place you can go is also notable. Because I think that drives a lot of people’s decision, they don’t want to have to think about whether they could get something cheaper elsewhere. And usually you have to pick, either a nice store with good staff and a unique selection (e.g. Cask, Healthy Spirits, or the former Alchemy Bottle Shop) OR good pricing but a much less helpful/available staff and questionable stocking (Total Wine, K&L, or your average liquor store). Then there’s Bevmo that is the worst of all worlds ! :wink: You know all this, it’s just rare to have that combo of quality and price (and other great elements) in one place, and that’s why I think B&B is exceptional and why I wish more people knew about it and understood its rare value.

Reasons why B&B is Great

  • Good prices, mostly comparable to or even lower than other well-priced retailers like K&L and Total Wine
  • Rewards program makes prices even better
  • Good selection, rivaling (and often exceeding) other boutique stores of their size like Cask, Healthy Spirits, etc. Inevitably you will run into things they don’t carry that other places do (and when that happens you’ll be frustrated because the other places charge more), but the reverse also happens frequently.
  • They work hard to get new, interesting things in, good curation
  • Great staff, responsive to requests, questions, etc.
  • Quarterly spirits clubs with cool/fun extras, e.g. chocolate, sodas, etc. to pair.
  • Well thought out cocktail kits that aren’t “just the basics”.
  • They ship throughout California for a good price!

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