A complex relationship with my computer

A recent journal update (quoted below) made me realize I should talk more generally about the tension between computer time and, well, everything else. This is something I have thought about for a long time, and I imagine some of you reading may have similar concerns or considerations about your own life balance. I hope to dig deeper into this soon…

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so happy you are in this conversation! invite you to join the 24/6 club! I finally made my first Challah last Sat to celebrate this practice for over 7 years! =)

There is definitely a rich conversation in regards to the root of what many of us are feeling - it can be challenging to see until we slow things down enough whether it’s through meditation, one of many forms of slow dance or a weekly practice like 24/6.

I’m glad to hear you have the experience of disconnecting through travel and nature - keep it up!

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Wow, thank you for pointing me in that direction! Very intriguing indeed, and I will hopefully have more to comment on that at another time.

I am grateful to have a meditation practice that I began a number of years ago now. Creating time for that is, in itself, very valuable I think, even if it is only a few minutes a day. So I have a start. But there is much more I would like to do, and I hope to share the process of exploring it here as I do. Meanwhile I welcome more of your thoughts on the subject, your practices, insights, and personal journey in this area!